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What does “Ascension Products” mean?

These are the next lineup of deep dive training course that AWOL Academy provides for their students looking to advance their knowledge as an emerging online marketer.  Each Academy training builds upon the next on in the sequence.

And that sequence begins with…

Inbox Academy

Once someone has entered the world of online marketing world, they will quickly hear the catchphrase “the money is in the list!”  And this is pure fact.

But how does someone gain access to that money by communicating, connecting and converting with the types of messages they receive from you?  In fact, before you can even worry about your sales conversion stats, you need to make sure your SUBSCRIBERS ACTUALLY READ YOUR EMAILS.

That is where AWOL Inbox Academy really takes the lead when it comes to the importance of email marketing.  Even though the common perception is that all of the social media platforms have turned email marketing extinct like the dinosaurs.

The harsh reality even in 2017 is that without your own asset of an email list… you don’t have a true business!

For social media platforms come and go, your email list is a lifetime asset!

AWOL Inbox Academy reveals the secret, behind-the-scenes tactics and strategies used by the top email marketers around the world.

You’ll master the techniques that will ensure the highest percentage of your subscribers see, read and TAKE ACTION on your content.  Which of course in the end means higher conversions and MORE SALES.

Plus the price point is set at an affordable level making AWOL Inbox Academy a complete steal.  (In fact, I practically felt guilty after buying it at that low cost due to the immense value inside.)

And once you apply even just one of the top level techniques inside the course, you could easily double your revenue… just like Keala and Kameron did in their business.

AWOL Inbox Academy will allow you to continuously build and increase your email list which will ensure consistent progress in the expansion of your business.

Conversion Academy

In business, there’s a saying that,

Nothing happens until…you sell somebody something!”  

Zig Ziglar said that.  Along with a variety of other highly successful businessman in history.         The reason it keeps being repeated… is that it’s true.

Once you make a sale, you have income.  Once you have income, you can grow your business.

Without growth, your business ultimately fails and you will never be able to help yourself.  Or the hundreds and possibly thousands of people that were desperate for your knowledge, advice and solution to their problems.

AWOL Conversion Academy provides you the most elite level knowledge and insights in order to achieve your number one goal in business.

What is that number one goal?

To do your absolute best to transition every single visitor to your website into a paying customer who rants and raves about how amazing your product or service is to everyone they meet!

Making that transition from curious visitor to happy client will become practically second nature once you dive into the AWOL Conversion Academy modules.

Co-founder Keala Kanae reveals his best kept secrets to high conversion rates such as…

  • Realize the immense power of storytelling and why YOUR STORY is the most effective piece of your marketing strategy.
  • You’ll discover how to use live presentations, persuasive copy writing and more.  All allowing you to build an intense and irresistible desire… even need… for your audience to take action on your offers.

And taking action on your offers is what you want out of every single visitor to your business.  Period!

AWOL Conversion Academy comes in at a more VIP level price point, which might seem a bit out of reach for some people.  But once you begin generating VIP level profits… the investment quickly seems very minor.

Once you implement the techniques within AWOL Conversion Academy and watch your ROI skyrocket… the investment will seem like mere peanuts.

But of course in order to increase your conversions, you need a continuous stream of people that see your value and offers.  And that means tons of Traffic!

So how does one bring in all that traffic?  You’ll find out inside the next academy…

Traffic Academy

No matter if you’re just starting out in online business or a 5 year veteran… something never changes.

We all need traffic to our websites.

And we need it every hour of every day of every year.

No matter what.

But not only does AWOL Traffic Academy solve the problem of how to get traffic… but it makes certain you are only accessing THE HIGHEST QUALITY TRAFFIC.

For when it comes to traffic, there can be a major difference between sources.  And that grand canyon of difference in quality can result in you either burning up cash with no conversions or igniting a firestorm of consistent profits.

The choice is yours… and the choice is AWOL Traffic Academy.

First off, the AWOL Traffic Academy is a massive vault of knowledge.  The 6 modules contain 35 training videos!  35!

The main focus of AWOL Traffic Academy is teaching you how to completely master every aspect of marketing on Facebook.  This is because the current trend in online marketing is that Facebook ads continue to provide the greatest ROI for your paid advertising.

You’ll learn all the basics, how to create your first ads, master the power editor, install your Facebook tracking pixels and a wide variety of other “ninja ad hacks.”

The massive amount of training within the AWOL Traffic Academy blows every other traffic course out of the water.  Most higher priced traffic courses cannot come close to the value provided here.

If you’re sick and tired of wandering aimlessly on the internet, scrounging and scraping for high quality, high converting traffic… then AWOL Traffic Academy is your one and only resource.

And with just a one-time investment… you’ll be setting yourself up for long term success. The only problem you’ll have going forward… is the “traffic jam” as people line up every day to see your offers!

Summary:  When it comes to advancing your knowledge base within the realms of email marketing, converting sales and generating high quality traffic… all three of these AWOL Ascension products provide the perfect answer.