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Who are the AWOL Academy founders, what are their stories and why did they join forces and create this company.  So who exactly is behind the vision that drives AWOL Academy?

Well you’re about to find out.  Let’s start out with Keala Kanae.

Keala Kanae:

From “Gifting Trash” To World Traveling Entrepreneur

Rock bottom for Keala Kanae arrived in August 2012 while sitting in the hallway of his mother’s home.  Slumped on the floor… ashamed… as he went “shopping” for his loving girlfriend’s birthday gift.

But that heartbreaking day not only brought Keala to his knees… it also set him free.

Before we get into more of the details of that fateful day, we need to rewind the tape a bit.  Back to his journey before he ever hit his first 6 figures online and designing his new life as a freelance digital marketer.

For 13 years, Keala Kanae did the “dead end job dance.”

Jumping from place to place, doing his best to make enough money to get by… and someday… get ahead.

But that day never seemed to be on the horizon.  So he kept on searching.

That search led him to 22 different jobs over those 13 years.

And nothing was getting better for him.

The only thing he could count on was that he would bust his butt and make just enough money to survive.  But that survival lifestyle was wearing him down to the bone.  He had to find a way out.

That way out for Keala ended up being online entrepreneurship aka freelance digital marketing.  All of a sudden, he discovered a world where there was limitless possibilities at creating a life-changing income.

Possibilities of creating a life he’d been dreaming of for years.

A dream that would save him from the nightmare of his last 13 years.

So Keala dove in headfirst, buying up any and all courses, training, coaching that he could on how to build his own successful business online.  Unfortunately, the majority of these trainings left him only with a pile of crushing debt and only a few mismatched skills to show for it.

But he kept on pushing forward, dabbling in a variety of opportunities, but never fully committing to acquiring the “real world methods” that would allow him to design his lifestyle.

While he was taking action, he was also constantly coming up with excuses as to why things weren’t changing for the better.

Keala was living out the classic “wantrepreneur” story.

Tons of wanting… not enough doing.  And far too many of those crippling excuses.

Eventually those excuses brought Keala to his knees.

Which brings us back to August 2012 in that hallway.

Keala was at such a low point financially… as in dead broke… that he had no way to buy his amazing girlfriend a gift for her birthday.

So instead, he had to go through a box of used purses that were to be donated to Goodwill.  He had to ask his mother if he could go through her trash to go “shopping.”

And he had to give his adoring girlfriend someone else’s trash for her birthday… and it broke his heart.

But it was in that moment that everything changed for Keala Kanae.

He made a solemn vow that he would never again allow himself… or his loved ones… feel the pain and anguish of a poverty lifestyle.

For him it came down to this life-altering statement,

“I finally made the decision to divorce my excuses and marry my dreams!”

And with that statement, Keala began the champion’s phase of his journey.

He quickly began moving himself out of “wantrepreneur” mode into beast mode!

He began implementing consistently all of the knowledge he already had acquired and maintained a disciplined approach to building his own online business.

He began to connect with other successful entrepreneurs and mentors that solidified his understanding of “what really works” in the current marketplace.

He began to build momentum, increasing his sales and eventually hitting that number he’d always dreamed of… six figure earner!

Now you would think that once Keala had hit this magical number… and especially once he added multiples to it… that he could’ve walked off into the sunset a big winner.

But he didn’t.

He made a much different choice in deciding to become AWOL Academy founders alongside Kameron George.

Because Keala knew first hand how difficult the “normal path of life” can be for most out there. He had lived it and he had also broke free of it.  So he knew he had to do whatever he could in order to lead others to the same freedom.

Shortly thereafter, he met another highly successful entrepreneur named Kameron George.  He too had risen out of difficult circumstances and had the same mission… a mission to lead others.

And so they became AWOL Academy founders and combined their resources, knowledge and “in the trenches” experience to form their very own company.  A company they called AWOL. (Another Way Of Life.)

As the AWOL Academy founders, Keala and Kameron have been able to design a deep dive, immersive educational experience for their clients.  Ranging from one-on-one coaching calls to their AWOL Academy training modules.

All the way to their Elite mastermind inner circle.

Every single aspect of AWOL was designed to smash every barrier that might hold someone back from changing their lifestyle.  And it was designed to destroy the norm when it comes to what most people think an online business can be.

“AWOL is unlike anything else in the marketplace.  Because this isn’t about some get rich quick idea… or a push button system… or some turnkey operation.  Instead… AWOL is dedicated to equipping the 21st century entrepreneur with a very specific set of skills.  A set of skills that truly can set you free.”

Keala always believed there was something more out there for him beyond the typical 9 to 5 rat race.  He also believed there were thousands of people just like him dreaming of the same… and that’s when he knew creating AWOL was his only option.

“I believe in the innate greatness of ALL people; that everyone has a divine purpose buried within them. Our education is simply a tool for uncovering those unique gifts and delivering your message and service to the world.”

And to think it all started with a rock bottom moment in his mother’s hallway.  But now today, Keala Kanae is truly living Another Way Of Life as one of the AWOL Academy founders.

Now that you’ve had the chance to meet Keala… let’s introduce you to Kameron George and his equally amazing story of transformation.

Kameron George:

How He Hung Up His Tool Belt And Created A Game Changing Online Empire.

Kameron George was a construction worker.

Getting up at the crack of dawn, jumping in a dusty truck and putting in back breaking, 12 hour days were just another day at the office for him.

And even with those days of working extremely hard, it wasn’t leading to a fulfilled lifestyle.  In fact, most days Kameron was “fulfilling himself” with peanut butter sandwiches.  Not exactly living like a rock star that’s for sure.

Now it’s not that Kameron George didn’t mind working hard… far from it.

He understood that anything worthwhile in life comes as a result of putting in the work.  It’s just that he felt that if you’re going to work that hard… shouldn’t you get paid well for it?

So he started seeking answers to that exact question.

Now Kameron did have one extreme advantage when he began his jurney of finding another way of life.  And that advantage was the internet.

And of course the great thing about this “internet advantage” is it’s not unique to just young construction workers or coffee shop employees.

It’s not just for those with a ton of high tech skills either.

The advantage of the internet is that it’s pretty much available to anyone!  Which means that anyone… no matter where they start from… can completely reshape their life!

So Kameron got to work.

He started off on a part-time basis, digging in and learning the skills and knowledge of how to leverage the power of the internet and create a properly structured business for himself.

So even while grinding it out all day on a construction site, he would return home at night and stay committed to constructing his dream lifestyle.

A lifestyle where he’d never again trade an hour of his life for too little money.

A lifestyle where he could travel to any spot on the globe at the drop of a hat.

A lifestyle where Kameron could use his new skill sets in order to create an income that kept him free.

So no matter how worn out, exhausted or frustrated Kameron was at the end of a day, he wouldn’t stop learning and taking action.

Did everything change overnight?  No.

Did Kameron’s life magically turnaround in a few weeks? No.

But did his hard work and dedication to another way of life pay off?


And at the tender age of only 22 years old, he was running his business out of a hotel room in Thailand.  A hotel room where he ended up making $126,000 in sales in a single month.

Kameron George had literally changed his entire life.

A few years later, he was in Hawaii with his family celebrating his first million dollar year online.  It seemed like he had it all…

And then he walked away from all of it.

That’s right… he walked away from his own life altering, individual success.

But why in the world would he do that?

Kameron George wanted to go back.  Go back and GIVE BACK to anyone willing to listen to all that he’d learned on his own wild path to profits.

So he decided to take all that he knew, the knowledge and skills that set him free, and package it all in a way he could share it with the people he loved.

To share it with all those people, who just like him not long ago, were desperate to live free and on their own terms.

So Kameron came up with a mission, a vision.

And it was AWOL (Another Way Of Life)

In order to bring that vision to life, he knew he could make it all reality much faster with a fellow inspired entrepreneur.  That entrepreneur ended up being his friend Keala Kanae.

Keala Kanae, just like Kameron, had also raised himself up from a poverty lifestyle using the power of an online business.  The more they talked about Kameron’s mission with AWOL… the more they knew their partnership was the key.

So both Kameron and Keala left personal businesses that were raking in multiple six figures in order to create something completely new and become AWOL Academy founders.

To create a platform that could take anyone who was brand new to online business and transform them into a successful freelance digital marketer.

First off, they wanted to provide an elite level of training resources and education within an easy to navigate platform. Kameron and Keala combined their decade of experience with their unique ability to break down complex strategies into easy to follow principles.

As AWOL Academy founders, they wanted to make certain that there were zero fluff or fairy tale promises inside their platform.  Only the absolute best information and tools that could provide the dedicated student the means to create realistic success.

Kameron had seen far too many systems that over-hyped and under-delivered.  He wanted to change the face of the industry with AWOL.

Because they had lived through the ups and downs.

They had experienced the years of breaking down in order to breakthrough.

They knew what it felt like to almost lose hope… and yet keep going.

As AWOL Academy founders… Kameron and Keala understood the journey… because they’d lived it!

And now AWOL is a company that continues to inspire, teach and mentor hundreds of everyday people to make their own leap of faith.  To help all their fellow construction works or coffee shop employees believe in something much greater for themselves.  They continue to provide on a daily basis the tips, philosophies, & marketing strategies that are proven, frighteningly powerful, and flat-out WORK.

To this day though, people continue to ask Kameron George how in the world could he walk away from his own million dollar a year business?

I know why and how he could.

But I think this quote from the man himself says it much more powerfully than I ever could.

“I’m just a crazy kid with a simple passion for helping others succeed.

I am on a mission to wake people up to what’s REALLY possible online when you have the right mentor, and the right business plan in front of you.

I believe absolutely anything is possible in life if you are committed. The world is simply my playground where I create freedom, joy, and abundance for myself, and anyone who’s willing to listen and take action.”

As AWOL Academy founders, Keala Kane and Kameron George are doing everything in their power to lead others to the same breakthroughs and personal development achievements they have experienced on their journey.